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Credits and Thanks

Produced by Phil Mulford for PM Music
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Steve Cooper
Recorded at The Bunker, Welwyn Garden City, Herts
Tracey Graham recorded at The Groove Shack, Banstead, Surrey
Simon Foster Recorded at How Now Productions, Rhodes Minnis, Kent
Arrangements by Phil Mulford


Phil Ayres would like to thank all the musicians who contributed to this CD. A special thank you to Phil M, Adam & Damon for their outstanding musicianship. Jim Mullen for sprinkling some magic on top. Andy Hamilton  Hey GTF!!!! Ralph Salmins for a great studio and great percussion. Noel Langley for his horn magic! Steve Cooper for carrying on working while we were talking! Fred ‘Freddy V’ Vigdor of AWB for finding the time to play for us all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. Jamie ‘JB’ Bell, Geoff Dunn, Mark ‘Fletch’ Fletcher, Gina Foster, Sylvia Mason & Steve Pearce. Mick Smith, Graham Crane & Tony Monson at Solar Radio. Allan & Theresa Murrell. Preeya Rampersad. Brian, Derek, John & Lil at DACCU. 

All The Good People at GRANDPLOY LTD. Jimmy & Carol Regan.

Stateside Thanks to :- My New York Brothers Mike Campenni & Kenny Kershen. Nathalie, Crystar and Cathy at The Paramount Hotel, NYC. Megan & Mey at The Bitter End, NYC. Mou Dey, ‘New York Nina’ & Sarah Gibson, Isamar Garcia at Blue Note, NYC. Dave, Matt & Soren at 55 Bar, NYC. Chris Parker, Charley Drayton, Will & Sandrine Lee

The biggest thank you to Phil Mulford without whom this CD couldn't, wouldn't & probably shouldn't, have been made! Thanks Phil
For my kids Michael & Ella. I love you.

Phil Mulford would like to thank Phil A for asking me to put this together, Damon and Adam for correcting my dodgy chords, Steve Cooper for his engineering wizardry and to all the Musicians for their great performances.

Also to Caroline, Aaron, Liam, Lily for their love and Archie our Beagle for barking when he heard something he liked...
A final big thanks to Ralph Salmins for his fabulous Studio, great percussion chops and taste.


Cover model Ayesha De Garci
Original photographs by Julian Fontenell
Illustrations by Danny Branscombe
Design by Scott Robinson

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